About Us

We are Boo-yah Restaurants! We are a virtual restaurants branding and delivery company. We create our own virtual restaurant brands and assign our food brands to specific types of food, i.e. Italian, Mexican and Sandwiches. We create generic menus for all of our brands. We then match our menu items to menu items of other restaurants. Our algorithm matches our menu items to menu items of other “Brick and Mortar” restaurants based on the menu items that our customers order on the Boo-yah Restaurants Platform. We find the “Best-Fit” of your food and beverage cravings from the available restaurants that act as food suppliers to the Boo-yah Restaurants algorithmic food and drink matching delivery service in geographic areas near the customers delivery address.

Why order from Boo-yah! Well, we can deliver your food and beverage to our customers at the best market price available, hot and fast! Our advertisers want to get their message in front of you, our customer. Therefore, they pay us to place their product or service directly in front of you! The “Discount Coupons” available on our platform can be used to decrease the total cost of your food delivery order. These coupons are paid for by our sponsors.

Boo-yah also has a rewards points program that rewards our customers with rewards points every time our customers place an order for delivery on the Boo-yah platform. Boo-yah also offers a very generous BIG PRIZE give-a-way program when our customers play our Boo-yah quarterly games program.